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Mlena Jewelry is a one-of-a-kind jewelry manufacturer which specializes in all types of micro pave settings. Micro pave setting refers to the most recent style of jewelry that has multitudes of tiny stones which are set into the jewelry. Basically it is where very little of the metal of the ring shows so all you see are the paved diamonds. Rings are about the precious stones and diamonds and less about the metals they are made from.

Mlena Jewelry is a jewelry manufacturer which also specializes in setting diamonds on gold as well as stainless steel jewelry. The jewelry manufacturer has a team of 10 employees that are trained and skilled in the field of jewelry and are dedicated to customer service and customer satisfaction. The staff takes pride in their work and will also perform top notch work for all of your jewelry needs.

Artak Chobanyan, also known as Art, is the owner of Mlena Jewelry. He began the successful jewelry company in 1998. Prior to opening the jewelry store, Art was in the jewelry manufacturing business for more than two decades. Art is extremely successful in everything that he does and being the owner of Mlena Jewelry is no exception. Among his biggest clients are large jewelry stores in addition to many famous jewelry store chains in the US. Art takes pride in his business and in his work. He stands behind of all the work that is done at Mlena Jewelry.

Mlena Jewelry can be found at 607 South Hill Street, Suite 437 in Los Angeles, California. They can be contacted by phone at 213-2582170 or online at http://www.mlenajewelry.com.

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We Give You A Great Job !
Our Work Proves What We Say.

We Give You A Great Job !
Our Work Proves What We Say.

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